AGING EYE: Prevent & Treat Glaucoma , Floaters, Cataracts etc Harvard Medical School £10.95
ADRENAL FATIGUE: The 21st C Stress Syndrome – Recover Energy & Vitality Wilson, Dr. James £12.95
BEYOND THE INFLUENCE:Understanding & Defeating Alcholism Ketcham, Katherine £12.95
BREATHE AGAIN NATURALLY: Cure Catarrh, Asthma & Breathing Problems by Nutrition Jensen, Dr Bernard £9.95
CANCER DIAGNOSIS: What to do next (Alternative Medicine Guide) Diamond, Dr. John etc.


CANDIDA: The Symptoms, causes and cures De Schepper, Luc £8.95
CHANGE YOUR BRAIN, CHANGE YOUR LIFE:Conquer Anxiety, Depression, ADD, Anger Amen, Dr Daniel £12.95
COLON HEALTH HANDBOOK: New health through colon rejuvenation Gray, Robert £6.95
CROSS CURRENTS: Perils and benefits of Electromagnetic Radiation on the body Becker, Dr R £14.95
DR. JENSEN’S GUIDE TO BETTER BOWEL CARE: Tissue cleansing thru bowel management Jensen, Dr. Bernard £12.95
GERSON THERAPY: The Amazing Nutritional Program for Cancer Gerson, Charlotte £14.95
GETTING WELL AGAIN: A self-help guide to overcoming cancer Simonton, Dr. O. Carl .et al £5.95
HEALING ANXIETY NATURALLY: Herbs to relieve fear, worry & stress Bloomfield, Harry £11.95
HEART DISEASE, STROKE & HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (Alternative Medicine Guide) Goldberg, Burton etc £15.95
HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER: (Healing/Memory of Water Crystals – amazing photos!) Emoto, M £19.95
IMPROVE YOUR VISION WITHOUT GLASSES: A new programme of eye exercises American Vision Institute £9.95
IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD: Diseases caused by silver-mercury fillings Huggins, Hal £12.95
LOW BLOOD SUGAR (HYPOGLYCAEMIA): The 20th Century Disease Budd, Martin £8.95
MESSAGES FROM WATER: Water Crystals in Motion (DVD – 40 minutes) Emoto, Masaru £19.95
MESSAGE FROM WATER III: LOVE THYSELF (Amazing Photos of Water Crystals) Emoto, Masaru £9.99
NUTRITION & MENTAL ILLNESS: An orthomolecular approach to balancing body chemistry Pfeiffer, Carl £10.95
OPTIONS: The alternative cancer therapy book Walters, Richard £14.95
PREVENTING ALZHEIMER’S: Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease & Memory Loss Shankle W. R & Amen, DG £12.95
TEN SECOND PAUSE: Transform Stress, Tension & Anxiety with One Breath Maisel, Eric £9.95
THYROID BALANCE: Traditional & Alternative Treatments Rothfeld & Romaine £12.95
UNDOING PERPETUAL STRESS: The Connection between Depression ..& Stress O’Connor, Richard £12.95
WHEN YOUR BODY ACHES: …Treating Bone, Joint & Muscle Pain Amer. Acad. Ortho. Surgeons £12.95
WHOLE BODY DENTISTRY: How Dental Problems can affect your Health Breiner, Mark £16.95
YEAST SYNDROME: How to control the many yeast-related illnesses Trowbridge, Dr .£5.95