MUSIC, POETRY & ART (see also ‘Sufism’ for Rumi poetry)

ENLIGHTENED HEART: An anthology of sacred poetry Mitchell, Stephen £10.95
FINDING WHAT YOU DIDN’T LOSE: Expressing Yourself through Poem-Making Fox, John £12.95
GIFT: 250 Intimate Poems by Hafiz Hafiz/ Ladinsky ( Tr. ) £12.95
KABIR: ECSTATIC POEMS (Versions by Robert Bly) Bly, Robert £12.95
LOVE POEMS FROM GOD: 12 Sacred Voices from East & West Ladinsky, Daniel £12.95
POCKET RUMI READER Rumi/Helminski £5.95
RAG & BONE SHOP OF THE HEART: An Anthology of Poetry Hillman, J & Meade, M £15.95
RILKE’S BOOK OF HOURS: Love Poems to God (New Edition) Rilke/Barrows, Anita £12.95
SUBJECT TONIGHT IS LOVE: 60 Wild & Sweet Poems of Hafiz Ladinsky, Daniel £9.95
WHAT BOOK!? Buddha poems from Beat to Hiphop Gach, Gary (Ed.) £12.95