ART OF SEXUAL ECSTASY: Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers Anand, Margo £16.95
CONSCIOUS LOVING: The Journey to Co-Commitment Hendricks, Gay & Kathlyn £12.95
EMBRACING THE BELOVED: Relationships as a path of awakening Levine, Stephen & Ondrea £12.95
ENCHANTED LOVE: The Mystical Power  of  Intimate Relationships Williamson, Marianne £11.95
GETTING THE LOVE YOU WANT: A guide for couples Hendrix, Dr. Harville £11.95
HEALING LOVE THROUGH THE TAO: Cultivating female sexual energy Chia, Mantak & Maneewan £12.95
HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON IN LOVE…Relationships for HSPs Aron, Elaine £12.95
JOURNEY OF THE HEART: Intimate relationships & the path of love Welwood, John £10.95
LOVE AND AWAKENING: The sacred path of intimate relationship Welwood, John £10.95
SEXUAL ECSTASY WORKBOOK: The Path of Skydancing Tantra Anand, Margot £8.95
SOUL OF SEX: Cultivating Life as an Act of Love Moore, Thomas .£11.95
SOULMATES: Honoring the Mysteries of Love and Relationships Moore, Thomas .£11.95
TAOIST SECRETS OF LOVE: Cultivating male sexual energy Chia, Mantak & Winn, Michael £14.95