‘This is NOT a self-help book.

It’s an invitation to do life differently.

Today, an early present for Christmas/Solstice for you all; a guest blog from Danielle Collins. Dani is the author of How To Really Go With The Flow, a book that is packed with tools on how to live an authentic life. I love how Dani includes anecdotes from her life and travels (my favourite part are about her solo travels in Bali, Malaysia and Thailand), but, more than that, this book just reads as a genuine attempt to help you change your way of thinking and philosophy. It is not written to be preachy or to show off – from the pages leaps a genuine, amazing and inspirational woman who is daring you to follow a life that is ‘magically authentic’ and your own. Honestly, treat yourself or someone else – you will not be disappointed.

How to REALLY Go With The FLOW:

The Laptop

The hunt for a new laptop started a long time ago now. My gold HP adorned with stickers to hide the scratches it had gathered from its trip to South East Asia with me was on the blink. The backspace was sticking and the letter ‘H’ was unreliable to say the least. I wasn’t looking forward to the upgrade, I hate new technology. The changeover is always arduous.

Deep breath. But it was time.

I went to Curry’s for a browse one day to start the process. I thought I wanted a tablet with a keyboard attached. I live a light life these days and the less I have the better I feel. My old laptop seemed big and heavy and not very transportable. I was drawn to a Midnight Blue Huawei tablet. The advisor, Magiek (pronounced Magic!) was very helpful but did try and warn me off this particular purchase. I trusted my instincts and went for it anyway. I traded in my old laptop and took the plunge into the world of tablets.

This did not go well.

In fact, it was a bloody nightmare! The keyboard wasn’t user friendly and I couldn’t download the apps I wanted. I didn’t even want apps but you can’t just use websites when it’s a tablet. I won’t bore you with any more details but this thing was STRESSING ME OUT. I tried to ignore the problem, thinking or rather hoping it would get better. It didn’t.

I had a meltdown one day and this was the icing on the cake. I took myself off for a walk in nature and reluctantly accepted help from my new man friend. He asked what was wrong and I listed off a dramatic list of minor things really in the big scheme of it all but they were bothering me and it felt good to share the burden, for once. He insisted on whisking me right back to Curry’s for a refund and this felt good. I wasn’t sure if I could get one but it was worth a try. Luckily Magiek was there and the stars aligned that day – I was given a full refund and credit note for my laptop.

But now I was back to square one. And a little annoyed with my intuition for guiding me the wrong way. Or so I thought! What this situation had actually done was let me know what I want and what I DON’T want through real life experience. I now had a new found appreciation for my laptop and the simplicity of it. But I did still want something smaller and lighter. There was nothing there that day which caught my eye or excited me, and I was still brain fried from my emotional meltdown. I left with my credit note feeling grateful to see the back of the tablet.

I am currently sat in the library writing this blog. I have been waiting for the laptop that I later found in serendipitous ways, to be ready. It has been months! The laptop I want is a Dell XPS – she’s a beauty. 13inch, quality, tactile, gorgeous piece of machinery but she comes with a hefty price tag too. I didn’t want to spend that much but I did want that laptop. It kept popping into my mind after I left Curry’s that day.

I then found myself in Sainsbury’s browsing as I do and I came across a padded document wallet, in the sale which I thought would make a lovely laptop case. It was lilac with a gold zip and an orange spotted lining. I LOVED IT! But I STILL didn’t have a laptop to put in it and I didn’t know if it would be the right size even when I did. Hmm, but my intuition was saying…’buy it’. So I did.

This then prompted a trip to a different Curry’s store where they happened to have one Dell XPS on clearance the perfect size for my new purchase! But there was a problem with the screen. They needed to send it off for repair and then I could have it. This was month’s ago now and, deep breath. I am still hopeful but sick of putting my life on hold for it to arrive. I was asked to write this blog post a month ago and I wanted to get on with it but how could I if I didn’t have the laptop I wanted to write about?!

I’m a strong believer that if I don’t have it, I don’t need it and there is a creative way around it. Hence the library visit today. I woke up excited to write something and so here I am, doing my thing, without my thing.

I am wondering if I don’t actually need a laptop? Or if I don’t need one yet? If I can just borrow what I need? It is a challenge for me to ask for help and to receive it and that is what intuition does. It guides you to the hard stuff so your soul can learn valuable lessons. I know this but I also want things my way. But the Universe usually has better ideas.

I’m wondering how to end this post and if it is actually helpful to anyway other than me? My brother suggested that I write something engaging about ‘Christmas’ but I couldn’t get excited about that and this has flowed out of me with ease. That’s got to be a good sign.

What have I learnt so far from the laptop situation:

  1. To accept help when it is offered
  2. To be patient and adapt where necessary
  3. To try things to know whether they are right foe me or not
  4. To go with what feels right for me, no matter what others may think or say
  5. To trust that there is always a higher purpose for every setback and delay (even if I can’t see it yet)
  6. To keep flowing with the twists and turns of life
  7. That I don’t need my own laptop to write
  8. That I LOVE writing and sharing my experiences in the hope that it helps others too

And that’s about all folks….TBC

Dani’s book is available to have a look at here: https://arcturusbooks.co.uk/shop/how-to-really-go-with-the-flow-a-philosophy-for-living-a-magically-authentic-life