Autumn Reads

Come and browse the perfect books for you to snuggle down with this Autumn. Grab a blanket and a book, and you’re set.

Books to Feed Your Mind

Books to inspire, challenge and free your mind in modern times; from classics to new releases, find a book to feed your soul.

Wainwright Prize 2021 in Nature Writing

Browse the beautiful and inspiring books that made the longlist for the Wainwright Prize on Nature writing, global conservation and climate change.

Explore Folklore, Legends and Myths

Dip into the tales that have influenced our world. Carefully cultivated from countries all around the world, there are stories about the forest, woodlands and gardens to the creatures that stalk our oceans, there is something from everyone.

Welcome to Arcturus Books

Nicknamed ‘Self-Help Central’, we are an independent bookshop, which is deliberately different, specialising in books that support the soul.

Our range includes books on psychology, self-development, spiritual growth, health, nutrition and the environment. Beyond books, we also offer a unique selection of tarot and oracle cards, as well an eclectic range of incense, greetings cards, games and jigsaws, notebooks and gifts.

A consistent and inspiring presence in Totnes, the magical town that is twinned with Narnia, for over 30 years, Meg and Will took over Arcturus Books in 2021.

We are a small independent shop and sometimes we don’t have everything listed that we have available to us.

We can also order in any book, niche or bestseller, so please do contact us directly if you do not see the book that you are interested in. You can contact us via email, phone or pop into the shop in person.

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The Bookshop Blog

And Breathe……

Join the breathing revolution with this selection of reads. We all do it – inhale and exhale, roughly twenty-five thousand times a day, but how much do we actually think about what we are doing when we are breathing? Nothing is more essential to our existence, yet we rarely think about (compared to nutrition or medicines). It’s strange when you actually stop and think about.

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COP26 – Books To Help You Change the World

COP26 – Books To Help You Change the World

This week sees Glasgow host the COP26, with a focus on climate change and how countries should be doing more to look after our wonderful planet. Whilst the eyes of the world may be focused on the discussions and decisions made at the summit, it is important that we...

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Smoke Cleansing + How to Cleanse Your Home

Smoke Cleansing + How to Cleanse Your Home

Think about how you feel when you have spent time in the presence of positive, uplifting people. Whether it's a compliment from a stranger that leaves you smiling all day, or an evening spent laughing riotously in the company of loved ones – Have you felt that...

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Why? Books to help us understand Us…

Why? Books to help us understand Us…

Quick show of hands…. Hands up if you feel that life is rather overwhelming sometimes? Hands up if you sometimes avoid conversations with other people because you’re not sure how best to interact? Hands up if you’ve ever felt like you’re the only person talking sense...

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Popular Categories

Heavily polluting chimney

The Environment

Our Environment section contains many fascinating titles from books on activism and how to bring about change to gentle nature memoirs.

We also have a good stock on foraging and the use of wild plants for eating and medicinal purposes, as well as books on permacultures and how to rewild your garden for nature.

In this section you will also find books on how to build cabins, houses and tiny homes in an ecologically friendly way. 

Shamanic spiritual meditation ritual leather drum

Paganism & Wicca

In our Paganism and Wicca section, you will find titles on Witchcraft, Druidry and Paganism and their modern uses.

You will also find a range on Shamanism and contacting your spirit guides.

In this section, there are also books on ancient sites around the UK and abroad, as well as publications on the history of magic. 

Buddha statue on Swayambhu temple, Kathmandu


Our Spirituality sections contains a variety of titles to cater for a wide range of beliefs from around the world; from Buddhism to Islam, Christianity to Hinduism.

We also stock titles on theology, atheism and the history of religion. In this section, you will also find books on angels and psychic abilities.